Maxima Racing Oils

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530MX is a 100% Triple-Ester based synthetic oil. Developed on the world’s toughest race tracks, 530..

RM105.00 Ex Tax: RM105.00


530RR is a 100% Triple Ester based synthetic oil. Developed on the world’s toughest race circuits, 5..

RM105.00 Ex Tax: RM105.00

Air Filter Cleaner

Air Filter Cleaner Contains no CFC’s!Maxima Air Filter Cleaner is a purpose specific spray-on air fi..

RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM53.00

Air Filter Combo Kit

2  Pack  Contains:  Maxima  Air  Filter  Cleaner  15.5oz  an..

RM96.00 Ex Tax: RM96.00

Brake Fluid

Maxima Brake Fluid is now available in SYN DOT 4 Hi-Temp, DOT 4 and DOT 5 Silicone. The racing grade..

RM0.00 Ex Tax: RM0.00

Castor 927

Castor 927 is a unique blend of highly refined castor oil, a specially prepared synthetic and an add..

RM96.00 Ex Tax: RM96.00


Maxima Snowmobile Chain Case Lubricant is a 100% synthetic formulation specifically designed for low..

RM62.00 Ex Tax: RM62.00

Chain Guard Combo Kit

Cleanup, MPPL, and Syn Chain Guard are a winning combination proven to increase horsepower and exten..

RM159.00 Ex Tax: RM159.00

Chain Wax

Maxima Chain Wax is a superior power spray lubricant designed for all chain care needs. It’s special..

RM65.00 Ex Tax: RM65.00

Chain Wax Combo Kit

Cleanup, MPPL, and Chain Wax are a winning combination proven to increase horsepower and extend chai..

RM159.00 Ex Tax: RM159.00


Contains no CFC’s!Maxima Clean Up is a heavy duty, emulsion type cleaner designed to thoroughly clea..

RM60.00 Ex Tax: RM60.00

Contact Cleaner

Contains no CFC’s!Maxima Electrical Contact Cleaner is a blend of special cleaning agents that quick..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00

Cool-Aide Concentrate

COOL-AIDE is an additive formulated to reduce engine temperatures and provides significantly better ..

RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM53.00


High-Performance Racing Super CoolantMaxima Engine Cool-Aide is formulated to reduce engine temperat..

RM70.00 Ex Tax: RM70.00


Contains no CFC’s!FAB-1 is a highly advanced synthetic based formula for all oil type fabric and foa..

RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00


Maxima FFT is the culmination of 3 years development program which resulted in a synthetic polymer f..

RM0.00 Ex Tax: RM0.00

Formula K2

Formula K2 is a very high performance 100% synthetic 2-cycle lubricant utilizing 2000 centistoke est..

RM96.00 Ex Tax: RM96.00


High Performance Gasoline AdditiveMaxima Hi-Test is a concentrated octane booster legal for all type..

RM42.00 Ex Tax: RM42.00

Maxum Extra 4

Extra4 is a 100% synthetic motor oil featuring advanced additive technology. By using today’s most a..

RM89.00 Ex Tax: RM89.00

Maxum Premium 4

Maxima’s Premium4 is a superior product featuring advanced additive technology in the development of..

RM42.00 Ex Tax: RM42.00

Maxum SynBlend

Maxima’s Synthetic Blend4 is a blend of ester-based synthetic and petroleum base stocks featuring ad..

RM62.00 Ex Tax: RM62.00


Multi-Purpose Penetrant LubeContains no CFC’s!Maxima Multi Purpose Penetrant Lube is a superior, all..

RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM53.00


Premium 2 is a clean burning synthetic blend of high performance polyolester, polybutene and petrole..

RM96.00 Ex Tax: RM96.00

Premium Gear Oil 80W90

80w90 Premium Gear Oil is a petroleum blend for today’s high performance shaft driven motorcycle. Sp..

RM66.00 Ex Tax: RM66.00

Pro Plus+

RO PLUS+ is an ester fortified full synthetic 4T engine oil. PRO PLUS+ is formulated to exceed JASO ..

RM70.00 Ex Tax: RM70.00

PWC Marine 4T 10W40

Maxima’s PWC Marine 4T is a superior product featuring advanced additive technology in the developme..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

Racing Fork Fluid

Zero Drag Formula – 5wt, 7wt, 10wt, 15wtMaxima Racing Fork Fluid is designed to drastically reduce s..

RM70.00 Ex Tax: RM70.00


Clear CoatContains no CFC’s!High gloss SC1 Clear Coat is specifically formulated for the Powersports..

RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM53.00

Scooter 4T 10W40

Maxima Scooter 4T is specially formulated for modern, free-revving scooters and mopeds. Scooter 4T i..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

Scooter Specific Gear Oil 80W90 (150ml)

Maxima Scooter Gear Oil is designed from 80w90 mineral based gear oil for scooters and is specifical..

RM27.00 Ex Tax: RM27.00

Speed Wax

PROFESSIONAL FORMULA Speed Wax is a specialized detailer. An all-in-one detailer that co..

RM65.00 Ex Tax: RM65.00

Super M

Super-M is a high performance racing 2-Cycle lubricant incorporating the latest technology. Super-M ..

RM75.00 Ex Tax: RM75.00


Super-M Injector Oil is the first truly high performance racing oil designed to be used in oil injec..

RM75.00 Ex Tax: RM75.00

Synthetic Chain Guard

Contains no CFC’s! Maxima Chain Guard is an advanced chain lubricant specifically formulated for tod..

RM65.00 Ex Tax: RM65.00

V Twin Mineral

MAXIMA V-TWIN MINERAL is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle oil specifically formulated for V-..

RM46.00 Ex Tax: RM46.00


MAXIMA V-TWIN FORK OIL is a blend of premium quality, ultra-pure base oils and surface active additi..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00

V-Twin Full Synthetic 20W50

MAXIMA V-TWIN FULL SYNTHETIC is an ester based full synthetic motorcycle oil engineered and approved..

RM70.00 Ex Tax: RM70.00


MAXIMA V-TWIN PRIMARY OIL is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil formulated for high-p..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00


MAXIMA SPORTSTER GEAR & CHAINCASE OIL is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil formu..

RM58.00 Ex Tax: RM58.00


MAXIMA V-TWIN HEAVY-DUTY TRANSMISSION & GEAR OIL is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gea..

RM68.00 Ex Tax: RM68.00

Waterproof Grease

A smooth, dark blue, E.P. Lithium complex multi-purpose grease manufactured in a NLGI #2 consistency..

RM48.00 Ex Tax: RM48.00